Six of the top 10 companies on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2014 have Irish operations. This underlines Ireland’s success in attracting cutting-edge FDI investment across a range of sectors. Learn how these sectors have evolved in Ireland and their ambitions for the future.

High Growth Companies

Increasing numbers of High Growth companies are locating in Ireland to scale up and internationalise their operations. The exciting commercial and creative mix on offer, together with a business-friendly environment and speed to market are key motivating factors.

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The likes of IBM, PayPal and Ericsson have been based in Ireland for many years, but they were among the many companies who invested in Ireland in 2014. This highlights how Ireland not only attracts multinationals, but helps them continue to expand their operations and move up the value chain. Find out more about some of the key high-value activities in Ireland.