One country, one agency

Setting up an international operation can be a complex task, but with one FDI agency to look after and advise you on everything related to your move, IDA Ireland makes your task a lot easier.


We work as partners with our clients every step of the way, long after the initial set up phase has been completed. From hot new start-ups to multi-national corporations.


IDA Ireland is experienced in consulting on every aspect of your set up and roll out. We pride ourselves on having the know-how and connections to make things happen.

Financial Support

We offer incentives, including funding and grants, to selected businesses and activities such as Research, Development and Innovation. This, along with our partnership approach, leads to long, fruitful relationships with results such as the launch in 2013 of the first Intel product exclusively designed and developed in Ireland.


IDA Ireland offers a range of services to companies considering investing in Ireland. From facts and funding to site visits and property solutions, we've got the answers to your FDI questions.

More about Services

Grants & Funding

Funding and grants are available to those considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. These are offered to both new and existing clients. All funding is negotiated on a case by case basis in compliance with EU and Irish legislation.

Capital & Employment

The level and availability of support is dependent on location and size of the company.

Training Grants

Available across the country to develop the competitive capabilities of companies already located in Ireland.


Our publications contain a wealth of information, facts and figures on Ireland for FDI investors and researchers. Below are links to our current publications and key statements on a range of policy issues.