Ireland’s MedTech sector has become one of the leading clusters for medical device products globally. Exports of medical devices and diagnostic products now represent 8% of Ireland's total merchandise exports.

Centre of Excellence

Ireland is home to a closely knit cluster of 300+ MedTech companies, supported by industry, academic, clinical and government agencies. This integrated and progressive community has already encouraged an increasing number of companies to expand operations across multiple facilities.


With the highest number of personnel per capita employed in MedTech in Europe, Ireland has a deep pool of experienced and highly trained technical and managerial talent. Key areas of specific excellence include mechanical, electronic, materials engineering and science specialists.


Ireland is ranked number one globally for the most highly employable graduates. The MedTech sector benefits from this flow of skilled graduates produced by Ireland’s seven universities and 13 Institutes of Technology. Close cooperation between industry and academic institutions ensures the evolving skill needs of sector are constantly met. 

Track Record

As the second largest exporter of MedTech products in Europe, Ireland supplies 95 of the world’s top 100 countries (ranked by GDP). Over 25% of the world’s population that have diabetes rely on injection devices made in Ireland. An impressive 50% of ventilators in acute hospitals worldwide are manufactured in Ireland. While 33% of the global supply of contact lenses are made here. 

Regulatory environment

Ireland’s exemplary regulatory environment continues to play a key role in attracting global MedTech companies. Regulation agencies work closely not only with the industry as a whole but also with individual companies to ensure compliance and trouble-free start-ups.

Research & Development

Ireland boasts five clinical research facilities, which support patient-focused research and is ranked number one globally for the exchange of technology and ideas. This supportive environment and generous government grant assistance is responsible for an impressive 70% of MedTech companies in Ireland engaging in research and development activities. 

Close Collaboration

The key driving force behind the stunning success of Ireland’s globally recognised MedTech sector has been active collaboration between companies. Over 25% of companies have a shared services mandate, helping the sector develop world-class operations and technology solution development. The industry is also closely integrated with key academic centres of excellence, including AMBER, Tyndall National Institute, BDI, SEAM and APT.

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