If you are seeking to establish business operations abroad you will obviously want to talk to people who are knowledgeable about your sector and have local knowledge and experience. That's why we have sector specialists working globally in teams to give you the information and make the connections you need.


We provide information on tax, skills, education and research programmes, labour law, investment opportunities, operating costs, infrastructure, support services, etc. IDA Ireland also compiles information and statistics on key business sectors and regional locations in Ireland. Further reports on FDI in Ireland, including activities such as R&D and the overall economy, are also regularly produced.

Making Connections

A key function of IDA Ireland is facilitating introductions to peer companies and industry groups. We also make connections between companies and third-level institutions and research centres to ensure the necessary skills, experience and research capabilities exist to drive their business.

The Experience

The Experience

Come for a visit and you will see why Ireland is the number one FDI location in the world. We pride ourselves on the experience we offer potential investors who visit Ireland. From introductions to other FDI companies and site visits to property locations, banks and regulators — whatever is required — we will ensure you leave excited about the potential for your business in Ireland.

Grants & Funding

Funding and grants are available to those considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. These are offered to both new and existing clients. All funding is negotiated on a case by case basis in compliance with EU and Irish legislation.

Capital & Employment

The level and availability of support is dependent on location and size of the company.

Training Grants

Available across the country to develop the competitive capabilities of companies already located in Ireland.

Research, Development & Innovation

Research, Development & Innovation

Companies can avail of financial incentives to carry out in-house R&D projects and collaborative projects with third-level institutes and industrial partners. There is also a 25% tax credit available for companies engaging in R&D.

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