Labour Market Pulse Edition 6

Your partner on your investment journey.
Published 18/07/2022

Labour Market Pulse Edition 5

Your partner on your investment journey.
Published 25/02/2022

IDA Ireland 2021 Performance Highlights

IDA Ireland Annual Conference 2022: 2021 Performance Highlights
Published 06/01/2022

Labour Market Pulse Edition 4

Your partner on your investment journey.
Published 27/10/2021

Women in STEM

An overview of the programmes and initiatives which attract, retain and promote gender diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Published 15/09/2021


IDA Ireland CRU Data Centre Submission
Published 17/07/2021

IDA DAA Submission

IDA DAA Submission
Published 19/04/2021

IDA NDP Review Letter

IDA NDP Review Letter Re: ‘Review to Renew’ – IDA submission to the review of the National Development Plan.
Published 16/04/2021

Facts About Ireland 2021

Facts about the Irish Economy, Talent & Education, Competitiveness & Productivity, Connected Research, Ease of Doing Business, Tax, Infrastructure, Transportation, Sustainability, Track Record, Commercial Property, and the IDA Global Office Network
Published 08/04/2021