Press Release 27 Mar 2017

Dublin, January 29th, 2013 – 10gen (the MongoDB company) is looking to hire 60 people as part of its plan to set up a customer and technical support centre at its EMEA headquarters in Dublin.

The five year plan will effectively more than double the presence of the company in the region over that time. By the end of this year, 10gen will have a team of over 20 staff at its headquarters.

10gen is the developer behind the high-performance, open source, document-oriented database system called MongoDB. This database platform allows for faster and easier integration of data across multiple applications, which is increasingly in demand from companies needing to manage large volumes of data efficiently. The company will be seeking skilled technology experts such as support engineers and developers, as well as sales, HR, legal and finance personnel to help support the growing MongoDB user base across Europe.

"We chose Ireland as the location for our EMEA HQ and expansion as it offers direct access to a highly-skilled and innovative workforce and a pro-business environment. There is also the potential to partner with many leading multinational companies in order to grow our European business," said Joe Morrissey, VP EMEA at 10gen.

"Ireland understands the current and future value of the technology industry and is embracing it very rapidly. The talent I have seen in Ireland is exceptionally smart and has a laser focus on providing value to customers and the open source community. I am excited to see our EMEA headquarters grow with a whole new level of passion and commitment."

MongoDB's speed, scalability, reliability and ability to handle large volumes of unstructured data is generating increasing levels of interest from developers and enterprises across Europe. It is also free to use as an open-source tool.

10gen has the support of a number of high-profile venture capital companies including Intel Capital, Red Hat, Union Square, Sequoia, NEA and Flybridge.

About 10gen
10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is the open-source, document-oriented database that is quickly reshaping the overall database market due to the popularity of its agile and scalable approach among developers and IT professionals for new applications in the cloud and beyond. 10gen leads MongoDB development, supports the global MongoDB community and provides commercial subscriptions, support, consulting and training plus a free, cloud-based MongoDB monitoring service called MMS. For more information, visit

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