The availability of a highly educated, flexible and dynamic workforce has been a key element in attracting the Business Service Centres of world-leading organisations.


Ireland has developed key knowledge and expertise in the Business Services sector that enables teams to focus on efficiencies and innovation, especially in more complex business activities needing specialised skills.


Business Service Centres in Ireland often take the leadership role in a global network of service providers, ensuring a consistent focus on performance improvement, innovation and cost reduction.


Ireland provides the ideal environment for Business Service Centres to fulfil their growth potential both in terms of facilities, infrastructure and highly trained staff.

Effective Management

Business Service Centres can focus on conducting extensive business analysis, as well as corporate tasks, including control and compliance, merger and acquisition integration, and project/change management.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

With good planning, Business Service Centres can drive a tax-based Global Earnings Mobility Strategy (GEMS) by locating their principal business entity in Ireland to avail of the 12.5% corporate tax rate, with the Business Service Centre alongside for maximum synergy.


While many companies initially base their core functional roles in Ireland, such as Finance, HR, IT, Procurement and Customer Management, many soon expand into other activities. This allows them to share and leverage existing resources, people and information for maximum impact across the business.

Flexible & Scalable

Ireland offers a Business Service solution that can readily span the range from small set-up to full-scale, best-practice strategic business units. Companies locating in Ireland can readily avail of a unique, skills-based, flexible and scalable solution that can create value in every business sector.

Delivering Value

Ireland’s Business Service Centres have a “supply chain mentality” and as key components of the operating model focus on delivering real business value. They also have the experience and analytical ability to take an overview of the financial and strategic performance of the business and to continually improve efficiency.

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